I've always wanted to teach other people to create software applications. Apparently, when you teach others, you are also demonstrating your expertise, and people are more inclined to consider you an expert. At least that's what I've been told.

So, here are some C# tutorials that I've created for beginners to programming. They are unique, and I promise that their complexity won't make your head spin. Enjoy!

1. A quick introduction to Visual Studio. Learn how to download VS for free, install it, and then create a Windows Forms application without writing a single line of code. Examine the automatically generated source code, and become familiar with the Diagnostic Tools.

2. Changing Windows forms properties. Discover the frequently used form properties, and learn how to tweak them. Set a new size for the application that you are building, change its language, icon, position, and more.

3. Buttons and MessageBoxes are two essential components of any user-friendly application. Create a small application that displays a customized message box whenever you click a button. It's the first tutorial where you get to write code, but don't worry - it's a single line of code!

4. Examining the C# variables. This time we will study the most important variables: int, string and object. We will create an application that is able to display them all, using MessageBox and the ToString() function, which can convert numbers to strings.

More tutorials are planned, and will be published here when they are ready.
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