"In West Philadelphia, born and raised..." nah, just kidding! This is actually the first verse from the "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" theme song. That was a very popular sitcom in the 90s, which was featuring a very young Will Smith, and it made him famous.

Yeah, I am THAT old. And this is a good thing for YOU!

Older programmers are more experienced. They've also got better attention spans, so they are able to work more, and thus be more productive. They don't open the smartphones every 2-3 minutes to see if one of their remote friends has posted a picture with what they're eating. Some of them don't even have phones! (I've got a smartphone, I'll admit that ;)

I started my programming journey when the web was young. Back then, I used to write applications using the Pascal programming language. Later on, I started to learn Assembly, C, C++ and a few more popular languages.

These days I like to write code using C# and JavaScript. They are the perfect combination, allowing me to create all sorts of applications for all YOUR web and non-web based needs.

My rates are very affordable. I know that you run a small business, so you can't spend $500/hour to pay one of the top 10 software development companies in the country. The good news is that, due to my experience, I can do a similar job, and my rates start at only $25/hour. Often times, they also end at $25/hour. That's enough money to buy food for myself and Jasper, my cat.

Also, since I'm a one-man team, you will always interact with me, the person who is actually coding your application. No need to exchange messages and engage in long phone calls with a person who isn't familiar with your project.

So, don't hesitate. Give me a call at 307-576-1439 and let's discuss your project. I love programming, and I guarantee that you will want to reuse my services over and over. I've never had a disappointed client, and I think that this says something about me.

If phone calls are not your thing, go to the contact page and you'll discover a few more options. Just pick the one that works best for you, I won't mind ;)

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