What do you think of home automation? Being a programmer, I like the idea a lot! It's great to be able to code various programs that will simplify your life, turning on the lights as you enter each room, for example. However, things are far from being perfect.
Just bought a BME280 sensor from Ebay. My plan is to couple it with an Arduino board, and then place them both inside a weatherproof case, with the goal of creating the ultimate wireless weather station. That sensor is able to measure temperature, barometric pressure and humidity, so its potential is outstanding! I'll keep you updated, and maybe even post the entire project source code here when I'm done working at it.
What is wrong with Net Neutrality? Nothing! So, why are they trying to control our Internet activities? It is clear that huge service providers, who have millions of clients, want to get a larger share of the profit pie. If things go according to their plans, it means that our ISPs will have the power to choose what websites we are allowed to see. They will be able to slow down websites and services that they don't like, and even block them for good. The future doesn't look pretty - not at all! Read this article for more information.
The most popular programming languages in the world are Java, C and C++, according to the Tiobe index. The C# and JavaScript languages (my favorites) occupy the 5th and 6th places. The Tiobe index is calculating by taking into account the number of programmers, online courses, the monthly search engine queries and the number of third-party solution vendors. See the full set of results here.
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